Adrian Alphanso Crooks a.k.a. (King Lorde) was born in Kingston, Jamaica on may 8 1989. At the age of 3 he migrated to St. James with his family for school. He shortly migrated to USA. He developed a motto while growing up "labour for learning before you grow old". King Lorde was determined to make education his #1 priority in Weaver High School in Connecticut where he received his diploma in high school education. He was always exposed to music and wrote down a few of his own songs but he became drawn to it as his passion intensified. Due to that he chose to take music to a higher level. From there he would attend talent shows across the community of Hartford, eager to flaunt his skills! His brilliant ideas led him to work with a few people and in 2014 he recorded "Don't Talk Certain Things" with hit producer Delly Ranks. In 2015 King Lorde released his mixtape titled "The King Has Risen" which sold over 2000 copies. King Lorde was now taking his career to the next level by working hard vigorously day and night,  voicing new tunes in the studio, linking up with many different artists, being booked for interviews and even performing at reggae festivals on a routine basis. So in 2017 he built his own recording studio. There, he has had many people from Determine, Rygin King, Capleton, Jack Scorpio, Michael Rose, Little John and more stop by and work. He developed another philosophy "all things shall perish from under the sky, music alone shall live and never shall die" King Lorde's ambition continues to rise as he keeps a positive mind and embraces the future.

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